MOG Guasacate Trip & Project Ultrasound 2013

OW, THAT HURT! You should hear the story!

Cheri, MOG Director, with a black eye

I should probably introduce myself because with this “shiner” you may not even recognize me.

I am Cheri Mauldin, Director of Missions of Grace, and have recently returned from an empowering mission in Nicaragua.

I know that I do not look very ‘empowered’ in this photo! But I was, oh so very much! 

While in Nicaragua in late June through early July, I needed to be close to the rural health post that hosts our Project Ultrasound for part of my visit. 

A way to save expenses but which also required “roughing it” a bit, I elected to stay at an unfinished family beach house that was offered to me (only two lots off the virgin Pacific beach but approximately eight miles from the Post).

Somehow I didn’t see the shelf that had been nailed in the tree, and this shiner happened as I was attempting to wash out my clothes in a bucket – boom! (I might even post the video clips I shot of that day, just to see you smile)

What was I doing in Nicaragua, you might ask?

I was negotiating the renewal of the Project Ultrasound contract, which involves many entities and important details (like continuing remote education for the participating Nicaraguan medical personnel.) It needs to be approved and signed off by all of the following – a challenge in itself:

  • Ministry of Health – Central Silais-Rivas (Regional office of Ministry of Health)
  • Local Indigenous Leaders
  • Missions of Grace (us!)

Stay tuned as I share my honest and personal account of the Guasacate Trip.

I have discovered that the more vulnerable I let myself be, the more people can relate and are encouraged.

So here I come, with a fantastic tale of hearts and minds coming together for good!
Hasta mañaña!

Yours in faith, Cheri Mauldin


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