Meet Our Staff

Cheri Mauldin, Founder/CEO

During many years as an entrepreneur, Cheri gained many skills that have greatly benefited her in her role as CEO of Missions of Grace (MOG). The knowledge and experience in marketing, bookkeeping, budgeting, sales, and simple hard work helped her relate to a wide variety of people. Cheri was also the Texas Coordinator of the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree project for five years in the early 90’s; the final year reaching out to 5000 children of prisoners. She lived and worked full-time for Missions of Grace in Nicaragua for almost nine years and continues to lead missions. Cheri has ten children of her own, also giving her that special perspective that most others would never have…

Get to know Cheri better and read the rest rest of her story — soon to be published here.

Martita Romero

Martita currently works as Head Nurse at the Las Salinas, Rivas Nicaragua Health Post for the Ministry of Health. Martita generously and effectively began working with MOG in 2009 and has been in charge of all our Nicaraguan medical projects ever since. Missions of Grace is currently working towards hiring Martita full time. Visit Project Ultrasound for a more in depth view of this important medical project.

Luke Mauldin

Luke presently resides in Nicaragua and Director of the Strands Project. This is our remote missions (providing such services as water filter systems), learning/teaching survival skills and aiding in Team Logistics. His team has also been involved in disaster relief. Visit the STRANDS page to learn more about these remote missions and please consider supporting these efforts.

Rachel Mauldin

Rachel has been the right-hand of Cheri for over 20 years. She is a natural net worker and has served in too many capacities to list. She has worked with MOG in Nicaragua; assisting with the Indigenous Community, the Ministry of Health, the local volunteers and so much more! She is currently part-time in the home office and networking online and locally.

Mission Team Leaders

We at Missions of Grace are blessed with some unusual dynamics which serve as a catalyst for the achievement of our mandate (see Our Mission and SOON… the testimonials and client stories page). These dynamics include the involvement of many of the Mauldin family members, especially leading the short-term mission teams. We have many return volunteers and these dynamics are the reason the teams give for coming back!!  We are grateful to have these Mauldin Family Members involved with MOG – ages 16-32…

  • Sarah Mauldin Baldovinos has lived in Nicaragua for almost twenty years. Sarah and her husband Baldo tend to the Recreation/Fun Days for the teams that travel to Nicaragua with MOG. Sarah also is our in-house translator (Spanish) and aids in working with the Nicaraguan government.
  • Windy Mauldin lived in Nicaragua until just a few months ago. Windy contributes in many ways. She is great with children and ran the Children’s Ministries many times when teams came to Nicaragua. Windy also found that she has a gift for running the pharmacy during our medical clinics and has upgraded our process tremendously.
  • Jeshua Mauldin has been a great translator at our medical clinics and also has created the MOG video/documentary team.
  • John-Mark Mauldin has helped lead the mission teams in the capacity of an all-around helper/organizer and served as a translator during the medical clinics.
  • Peter Mauldin is our in-house IT man and has traveled many times to Nicaragua to help lead the mission teams.

We are always looking for those that are interested in joining with us in our efforts… Volunteering, Fundraising and more. Please contact us with any interests or questions you may have.