Meet Our Staff

Martha (Martita) Romero Gurdian -MOG Volunteer & local angelMartha (Martita) Romero Gurdian has been a local angel to the communities in and surrounding the indigenous community of Las Salinas de Nagualapa, Tola, Nicaragua long before we at MOG met her. She has been the head nurse at the local MINSA (Ministry of Health) health post since 1993. We brought our first medical outreach in Tola in 2009 and Martita was the one who we turned to. She went with us, guided our medical team, and became a part of us. MOG was selected to set up and run a remote Ultrasound Project in 2011 and we set it up in the local health post, because of Martita. Martita is thorough, trust-worthy and so very good with the patients. Since that time, Cheri Mauldin (CEO) and Martita discovered that they have the same vision. That vision is to have a Wellness Center for the community. (Bienestar is what we call it). The main function of this would be to empower locals to participate in improving their own health through education and preventative practices. May it be so!

Martita describes her experience with Missions of Grace as being unique among other NGOs that have come to the area because of the quality of their work and resources they bring. They above all are focused on going to the communities most disadvantaged and bringing as much quality equipment and medicine as possible. Above all, Missions of Grace has been consistent in winning the confidence of the people of the communities that they visit and as a result are able to attend a greater number of people and actually resolve and prevent health issues. Working with Missions of Grace, Martita has always been able to use limited resources and solve health dilemmas.

Kathy Silva - MOG VolunteerKathy Silva Duarte is our amazing Administrative Coordinator in Tola, Nicaragua. She has worked with us since 2015 and we do not know what we would do without her. Before Kathy began her journey with us, she did volunteer work with other nonprofit organizations and received a social work scholarship with a community foundation. She runs our Tola MOG office and coordinates our projects between the community leaders, the local people and MOG. One of her main roles is working with Martita Romero at the local MINSA health post managing our very vital Mamas and Babies Project . Kathy embraces our vision of empowering the remote communities and embraces our personal concern and interaction with the local people.
Thank you, Kathy! You are a blessing!

Sarah Mauldin Baldovinos MOG VolunteerSarah Mauldin Baldovinos has lived in Nicaragua most of her life. She married a Nicaraguan and they now have three precious sons. They reside in Tola, near where MOG has our projects. Sarah has served with MOG in many capacities most of her life. She stepped in as our Nicaragua Representative a few years ago. Sarah is a perfect fit for this job. She is precise, logical, hard-working and loves the local people. Often times, she is the go-between with the Home Office in Texas and the Tola office. During times of disaster, such as Tropical Storm Nate in 2017, Sarah proved herself invaluable. It was Sarah who purchased the supplies, household items, grocery items, etc., with the donations we received. She then helped supervise the sorting and distribution. Sarah is also the connection in our projects with the local expatriate community. People used to call her Doctor Sarah because she was excellent in her work with our medical missions. We hope Sarah works with us for a long, long time!

We are always looking for those that are interested in joining with us in our efforts… Volunteering, Fundraising and more. Please contact us with any interests or questions you may have.