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Tropical Storm Nate hit Nicaragua on the evening of October 4th and by the early morning of October 5th, mass flooding and devastation had ensued. The rains kept up until Saturday afternoon, keeping the rivers high and access to many areas impossible. The area where we work and live, Tola, was impacted heavily by the rains and flash flooding. Hundreds of people lost homes and all of their belongings. Power has been out for over 72 hours as of Oct. 7, and the wells are contaminated, which means people have Nica Floodno drinking water or a way to bathe.

Our beloved Martita, the nurse who runs our ultrasound program, lost everything in her home when the river rose and swept through – she and her family barely made it out alive. My daughter, Sarah, and her family evacuated by walking in waist-deep rushing waters to high ground.

People are sleeping in the streets, in the schools, in family members’ homes, with no food, no water, no clothes. We at MOG NEED TO HELP – we need YOUR HELP! PLEASE PARTNER WITH US – PHASE ONE is to raise the funds needed in order the buy items in Nicaragua to distribute..

100% of your donations to Missions of Grace will go to your designated cause.

Please use either of these methods to contribute.

Financial Donations thru MOG – Visit our donation page and select Nica Hurricane Relief  or  Visit our GoFundMe page. Follow our fundraising results and see most recent updates there and at Facebook. 

Nica floodLATER WE WILL SEE ACTUAL GOODS DONATION NEEDS. But, we are always in need of financial assistance.

QUESTIONS?  You can Facebook message us, comment on MOG Facebook page, email us, or the phone number is 210-872-7112. Texting is good.

If you are an “app: user” donate via the Square Cash app: This goes directly from your debit card to the MOG bank account – Cash it to missionsofgrace@gmail.com OR to 2108727112. Indicate “hurricane relief” in the “for” field. Thank you!

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. There will certainly be opportunities for volunteer time. Stay tuned!

We are a grass-roots organization built on local relationships, fostering sustainability, community and empowerment – located in Nicaragua and Texas.

Wellness Center Fence is up
Introducing THE FAMILY WELLNESS CENTER (Centro de Bienestar Familiar) – A long-awaited dream is coming true. This building is being donated by the Indigenous Committee of Las Salinas Nahualapa. Read our latest update HERE: The fence is up! This will also be the home of our Project Ultrasound, PRENATAL CARE Project, our Project Herbal Medicine and Youth Outreach. LEARN MORE HERE 

We are very proud to offer you CUSTOM Trips! Whatever your skill, or if you just are willing to get your hands dirty, we can put together a unparalleled trip – not only connecting you to the Nica people, but also taking you on your chosen adventure.

PLUS! – We are going down the remote Rio San Juan River in April, 2017!   READ ABOUT IT HERE! 

Under the Bridge - Homeless Outreach
UNDER THE BRIDGE – One of our strong links are our local volunteers – many in their 20s and 30s. We believe in reaching out locally in our hometown of San Antonio, Texas. It is so satisfying to serve a hot, homemade meal to our homeless. CHECK IT OUT HERE.  

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