Under the Bridge – Feeding the Homeless

What exactly is Under the Bridge?

Under the BridgeThe Under the Bridge program was founded in 1988 by Ellen Ott and Larry Cooke. Since that beginning either Ellen or Larry, usually both have served home cooked meals to up to 175 homeless people every Sunday. No questions are asked of any of the hungry.

Missions of Grace has eagerly joined forces to help make this happen on the 2nd Sunday of each month. But this doesn’t happen without a lot of help and coordination. If you are local to the San Antonio, Texas area, we hope you will consider joining us, whether it be by volunteering for one or more tasks, helping to raise the funds, or making a donation, or both! Anything is appreciated!

Learn WHY We Need You!


Obtain all volunteers necessary:
Organizer, 10 servers, 8 cooks. one shopper
One (or more) Food dividing and sorting, preparing for the cooks
One recipe prep person
Finance person or committee

Recipe person:
Select recipe, multiply all ingredients to feed 140
Create budget, print out and email recipe to all concerned
Email list to shopper

Receive funds necessary and the shopping list
Be empowered to shop at discount locations (Costco…)
Go shopping,drop off food to Sorter

Collect all supplies needed, Check groceries and recipe and make sure all is there
Sort ingredients into 16 pans, enough for 8-10 persons each
Make sure the Cooks pick up all pans at pre-arranged time

Pick up all ingredients from sorter, Cook two pans each (or what has been arranged)
Deliver the cooked pans to pre-arranged location on Saturday or early Sunday, or take hot pans to 37 Brooklyn (this is better if possible, and if they will be on time)

Take 16 pans of hot food (preferably in thermo chests) to 37 Brooklyn and arrive by 10:45 a.m.
Serve or complete job assigned with a smile and a ready-to-interact spirit – Make sure all is cleaned up!



Recipe Selector (Meal Creator): This can be done in their own time. Our goal is to have a ‘library’ of recipes to choose from, and we prefer them to be as healthy as possible, yet within our budget. Procedure will be to submit a meal, and upon approval, provide an ingredient list for service to 140 people, including a shopping list, budgeted out. We will also need a recipe document for each cook, which will have it broken down into pans for 7 to 8 people.(Each cook will complete two pans.)

Shoppers: We would need the shopping done by the Thursday before the Sunday we are serving, and will provide the list and the funds. Looking for those good with budgets for this.

Dividers: You will receive the food from the shopper, and divide it all up for the cooks, based on the cooking plans above.

Cooks: We will supply all the ingredients, separated into correct quantities and provide the recipe and foil pans. We have very convenient pick-up and drop-off points.

Servers: The servers will need to be at location in downtown San Antonio by 10:45 on the 2nd Sunday. You will be done by 12:30 at the latest.




Another Way You Can Help…

Donation for Under the Bridge

  • CAN'T COOK, SERVE, OR COMMIT YOUR TIME? PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION towards the expense of Missions of Grace serving the homeless "Under The Bridge"... OR DO BOTH... but, either way... A BIG THANK YOU!
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    Anything is appreciated and will go towards the expense to feed the Homeless "Under the Bridge" ... and THANK YOU!
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