Cheri Mauldin, CEO, shares Project Ultra needs and goals for 2015


Imagine how you would feel if this happened to you or yours: Maria lives in a remote village in the hills of Nicaragua (near Las Salinas, where MOG/WINFOCUS has our Ultrasound Project). The closest hospital or well-staffed clinic is over three hours away in Rivas. Maria and her husband have wanted a baby for a long time and they were delighted when Maria became pregnant. When Maria was six months along, the baby stopped moving and the couple got scared. A local doctor came to her home and examined Maria with his stethoscope – the only tool he had. He told her that the baby was dead and that she needed to get on a bus and take the three hour ride to the Rivas hospital.

As the doctor was leaving (he felt badly for Maria), he said there was one other option – to stop at the Puesto de Salud (health post) in Las Salinas and see a nurse there named Martita. She had an ultrasound machine and could check her further. Maria made her way as quickly as she could to Las Salinas, crying and trying hard not to fall apart. Martita (our MOG project director) welcomed her with open arms and immediately brought her in for an exam. The baby, it turns out, was fine. Maria said, ‘Thank God for Project Ultra!’

We have many other testimonies of lives touched and even actually saved. We also thank God for this project. Continue reading

Indians, you say? – And, listen to my daughter?

Sarah Guides Mom …

Daughter, Sarah

 In 2008, Sarah (my daughter, who lives in Nicaragua) encouraged me to choose the Tolas, Rivas area as  a location for our medical missions. She explained that there were many remote communities that fit our criteria; needed our help; could greatly benefit from clean water projects; had no health post, and most of all, she believed they would embrace Missions of Grace, with our relationship style of missions. Continue reading